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Light up your life with Hex Neon
Women owned and operated since 2020

Hex Neon is dedicated to offering Durham and the surrounding areas the most innovative, trend-setting neon designs while also creating a finished product of impeccable quality. Basically we eat sleep and breath REAL neon.

Feel free to drop us a line and ask any questions you may have about your project. 


Neon Date Night

Neon Date Night is an extraordinary beginner class specifically designed for couples (or best buds) seeking a unique and electrifying experience. You will leave the class with your very own custom neon sign and a whole new appreciation for this endangered glass art form. 


"Hex Neon was amazing.  I needed a custom neon sign made last minute and they totally came through with incredible design, and on time. Great to work with, and would highly recommend."

Melonie Orr-DRIVEN INC.

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The Process

Every neon sign that exists was made by a team of skilled craftspeople.

While each shop has their particular style, the process has not changed much since it began in 1920. We take colored glass tubes and bend them with heat, a little bit of air, and complex levels of manual dexterity. A metal electrode is spliced at each end and the tube is filled with one of a variety of harmless noble gasses. To bring it to life, an electric current excites the gas in the tube, causing it to emit that luminous color beloved the world over. We believe neon is part of our American cultural identity. Rather than let this identity fade, we believe we can help it stand side-by-side with the modern technology that drives America today.

Neon vs LED-01_edited.jpg
Past Projects
Kyle and Colleen Wedding Neon
Hopfly Charlotte
Mid Bloom Coffee Durham
Private Commission
jean michel basquiat_edited.jpg
Mezcalito Durham
Devil Dog Restoration Zebulon
Playland Cafe
Custom Neon
Raleigh Kudzu
Clock Restoration
Mr. Fishsticks (epic games)
Shamrock Cafe
High Tide Salon
Raccoon Wedding Gift
Eye Heart Tattoo
Best of Raleigh
Wedding Sign
Peach Party
Neon Atom

Shop hours

Southwest Durham

Tuesday - Fri: 10am - 4pm Saturday: noon-4pm 

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