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Cross Chef Knife
Murder Puppet
High Tide Salon
Paper Airplane

Hex Yes!

Take your date night up a notch

Like paint night but so much cooler!


Conjure Cool

Hex Neon is dedicated to offering Durham and the surrounding areas the most innovative, trend-setting neon designs while also creating a finished product of impeccable quality.



305 S Dillard St, Durham, NC 27701

We delight in producing high-quality custom indoor neon art and signage. Hex is founded on a love of design, education, architectural history, and above all neon.


The Team

Danielle James

Danielle James

Danielle is a neon artist and Millersville alumnus who is currently the operations manager at Glas neon in Raleigh. For the past four years she has facilitated neon sign fabrication, exhibitions, conferences, classes, lectures and installations. She is currently a member of the all women neon bending group SHE BENDS and her work has been featured in numerous international and national art exhibitions.


Tim O'Donnell

Tim has been living and working in the lancaster area for almost twenty years.  A project manager at Shumaker PDT for ten years, Tim has done custom event design work for weddings, concerts, corporate events, and political rallies.  As a freelance stagehand and artist, Tim has been involved in numerous touring productions, as well as temporary and permanent art installations. 


Past Projects

Classy AF
High Tide Salon
Hong Kong Sign
The Deals Wedding Sign
Black Philllip
Have you seen my contact lense?
Death Wish
Ignite Barbell Sign
Sweet Coins!
Cross Knife Sign
Magic Hat Sign
Crono_strife 32
Do you Shave?
I regret nothing
Murder Puppet
Paper Airplane


The Process

Every neon sign that exists was made by a team of skilled craftspeople.

While each shop has their particular style, the process has not changed much since it began in 1920. We take colored glass tubes and bend them with heat, a little bit of air, and complex levels of manual dexterity. A metal electrode is spliced at each end and the tube is filled with one of a variety of harmless noble gasses. To bring it to life, an electric current excites the gas in the tube, causing it to emit that luminous color beloved the world over. We believe neon is part of our American cultural identity. Rather than let this identity fade, we believe we can help it stand side-by-side with the modern technology that drives America today.


Open shop hours

Durham location

Mon - Fri: 11am - 6pm
Saturday: by appointment
Sunday: by appointment



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